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Doctor Shortage - Doctors Needed!

The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates there is a shortage of 13,700 doctors nationwide in all specialties. That number is predicted to more than double to 130,000 by 2025

In Northeast Ohio, The Cleveland Clinic, metroHealth System and University Hospitals are looking for Neurosurgeons, Urologists, Pediatric Oncologists, and other specialists.

Eighty-three percent of American physicians have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama's health care reform law.

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Unusual Jobs That Pay Well

Entry Level Jobs

Industries That Are Hiring!

  • Amusement Parks and Arcades
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Booze Jobs: Breweries, wineries, distilleries, wholesale and retail outlets
  • Celebrity Handling: Agents and Managers, athletes, entertainers, public figures
  • Internet Publishers and Search Engines
  • Investment Advice
  • Healthcare
  • Machine Shops
  • Management to Run Operations
  • Motion Picture and Video Production
  • Professional Organizations for Networking
  • Nail Salons
  • Oil and Gas Extraction
  • Research and Development
  • Security Guards
  • Retailers: Supermarkets, drug stores, warehouse clubs, tire stores, shoe stores, pawn shops
  • Small Arms Manufacturing
  • Technical and Trade Schools
  • Veterinary Services: Pet-care outlets, pet stores
  • Waste Collection

Best Jobs for the Future

  • Registered Nurse
    10-year growth projection: 26.0%
    Annual Salary Range:$53, 770 to $80,390
    Education required: Associate degree or higher

  • Systems Software Developer
    10-year growth projection: 32.4%
    Annual Salary Range:$77,720 to $120,500
    Education required:Bachelor degree

  • Plumber
    10-year growth projection: 25.6%
    Annual Salary Range:$36,050 to $64,790
    Education required:High school diploma/training

  • Construction Equipment Operator
    10-year growth projection: 23.5%
    Annual Salary Range:$32,550 to $56,040
    Education required:high school diploma/training

  • Electrician
    10-year growth projection: 23.2%
    Annual Salary Range:$37,570 to $65,260
    Education required: high school diploma/training

  • Financial Advisor
    10-year growth projection: 32.1%
    Annual Salary Range:$43,160 to $111,880
    Education required:Associate degree or higher

  • Physical Theraphy Assistant
    10-year growth projection: 45.7%
    Annual Salary Range:$41,320 to $60,250
    Education required: Associate degree or higher

  • Computer Network Administrator
    10-year growth projection: 27.8%
    Annual Salary Range:$55,150 to $90,160
    Education required: bachelor degree

  • Painter
    10-year growth projection: 18.5%
    Annual Salary Range:$28,120 to $46,280
    Education required: Experience/and or formal training

  • Dental Hygienist
    10-year growth projection: 37.7%
    Annual Salary Range:$56,950 to $83,310
    Education required: Associate degree or higher


Jobs - Jobs - Jobs  
Six Million Job Openings in the USA

Millions of jobs are waiting to be filled but employers can't find qualified workers because of "the skills gap".

Hard To Fill Jobs in the USA

  • Nurses
    Shortage of Nurses is expected to grow because of Baby Boomers and Health Care growth
    1) Nursing Job Directory
    2) Nurse Recruiter
    3) Featured Nursing Articles

  • Engineers
    The most in demand engineering job titles are Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Engineer, and Project Engineer.

  • Sales Positions
    Why It's Hard to Fill Sales Jobs

  • Truck Drivers
    Hiring Demand Continues to grow. There are 247,000 jobs available

  • Doctors
    The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates there is a shortage of 13,700 doctors nationwide in all specialties. That number is predicted to hit 63,000 by 2015 and more than double to 130,000 by 2025

  • Airline Pilots
    Shortage of pilots projected due to retirements, and pilots leaving overseas for higher pay.

  • Skilled Trades
    Companies eventually look to replace older workers that are retiring

  • High Tech
    Shortage because of lack of emphasis at high schools on tech education

  • Machinist
    U.S. factories face shortage of machinist

  • Skilled Factory Workers
    U.S. Manufacturing sees shortage of skilled factory workers

  • Auto Service Techs & Tractor-trailer Drivers
    $100K Jobs That Nobody Wants!

The Hidden Job Market

The Hidden Job Market is a job you can't see. Employers are constantly on the lookout for candidates to replace departing, retiring workers, inefficient workers, workers for upconming new projects, or to add an expertise in a particular area. Most all positions are filled without employer advertising. Companies are relying more on current employee recommendations, local or specialized job pools, recruiters, and direct contact from candidates.

So job seekers should expand their job search beyond the traditional job search methods known as the advertised job market(Classified ads, job banks, large internet job sites). The advertised Job Market means lots of competition with very few positive results, especially for entry-level positions.

A better way to find a job is through a combination of networking and get contact that gets you to the head of the line for a job that has not yet been listed.

  • Social media sites such as:

    Facebook Job Posting Site

    Twitter(Twit Job Search A job search engine for Twitter, @craiglistjobs - Tweeting about jobs all over the United States)


    Yahoo! Groups

    Meetup Groups


    Google Plus

  • Focus on local listings:

    Local State Empoyment Offices

    Craiglist jobs - How to use Craiglist to get a job

    Help wanted ads in your Local Newspaper

  • Look for niches sites that are speciic to your field:

    Accounting Careers||Actuary|| Advertising Careers|| Airline Pilot|| Air Traffic Controller|| Analyst Jobs|| Architecture|| Aviation Jobs|| Auto Mechanics|| Auto Workers|| Bartending|| Beautician|| Biochemistry|| Biology|| Blockmason|| Boiler Operator|| Border Patrol|| Brickmason|| Broadcasting|| Chef|| Construction Management|| Consulting Careers|| Cost Estimator|| Criminal Justice|| Customer Service Jobs|| Database Administrator Careers|| Digital Career Jobs|| Economics|| Electrician|| Electronic Assembler|| Education|| Engineering Jobs|| English|| Environment|| Finance|| Financial Analyst|| Firefighter|| Fitness|| Flight Attendant|| Funeral Attendant|| General Labor|| Geology|| Graphic Designer|| Handyman|| Homeland Security|| Human Resources Jobs|| Information Systems|| Insurance|| Interviewer|| Investment Banker|| Java Developer|| Lawyers|| Librarian|| Logistics Jobs|| Marketing|| Machinist|| Management|| Manufacturing Jobs|| Marketing|| Market Research|| Massage Therapy|| Mechanic|| Mining|| Mining & Oil|| Music Jobs|| Nanny|| Nuclear Power Reactor Operator|| Nursing|| Paralegal|| Personal Shopper|| Pipefitter|| Plant Jobs|| Plumber|| Policeman|| Political Science|| Private Investigator|| Production Careers|| Psychology|| Public Relations Jobs|| Purchasing Careers|| Quality Assurance Jobs|| Receptionist|| Refuse Collector|| Retail Jobs|| Sales Jobs|| Science Careers|| Software Developer Jobs|| Steamfitter|| Survey Researcher Careers|| Tour Guide|| Transportation|| Truck Driver Jobs|| Utility Worker|| Waitress|| Welding|| Work from Home|| Writer Jobs||

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    Emerging Careers

    Source(s): ( Yahoo! Inc 2012 & BLS)

    Hot Jobs that Pay $70,000 or More

    Healthcare Jobs
    Booming Careers in Health Care:

    Source: United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics

    The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the health care and social assistance industry should create 28% of all new jobs between 2010 and 2020. That's a projected 5.7 million new jobs.

    Thanks to an aging population, one in four Americans will be 65 or older by 2050, and ever-expanding technology, health care is the fastest growing segment of the United States economy.

    With future growth in virtually every area of the health care industry, occupational opportunities in health care have never been more plentiful.

    Federal Jobs

    For New College Graduates
    States and cities where you are more likely to find a job and a place to live

    State Jobs in All 50 States:

    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
    California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
    Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
    Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
    Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
    Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
    Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
    New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
    North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
    Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
    South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
    Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
    Wisconsin Wyoming

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