Alternative Fuels to Gasoline

Alternative Fuels to Gasoline

I think the Alternative Fuel Industry can do what the start of the space program did in 1960. It can create a whole new industry that can create new jobs and help get America working. We need to get the American people behind the movement to push Congress to establish this new way of life. At the same time we can reduce, or eliminate, our dependence on outside countries that have been using our money to wage war against us.

Some of the urgency to revamp the way America's vehicles run:

Gasoline has been criticized for decades for its major contribution to air pollution and climate change. Gasoline is produced by crude oil, a fossil fuel. More than 90% of oil used to make gasoline is refined within the US; however, less than 35% of that oil actually comes the US.

Alternative Fuels: is the official U.S. government for fuel economy information. Alternative fuels are derived from resources then petroleum have been identified. Some are produced domestically:

Ethanol Debate:

The federal government has been promoting ethanol for decades. The near-term advantages look promosing because in can be produced in large quantities and requires fewer technological break throughs and less infrastructure development than is needed to electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. yet scientists have raised concerns for three reasons:

Natural Gas Debate - The Buy of the Decade:

Natural Gas Stocks to Watch: