The most desirable information needed to find somone is:

Social Security Number Search

If you have someone's Social Security Number, this is the most effective search to locate a person.
Social Security Tracing is not a restricted search and is unregulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
Documents containing SSN are contracts, tax returns, marriage records, divorce records, birth records, medical records, some military records, vehicle registration, and traffic tickets.

All social security numbers are nine digits long. The first three digits are called the area number and they represent particular geographic areas.
-- ** Search the Social Security Death Index - Determine if the Person is Still Alive **

-- Validate Social Security Number Issuance

-- Run a Background Check if you have someone's Social Security Number Search

-- Social Security Online
The Official Website of the Social Security Administration.

National Identifers - (Sources to use if you don't have a Social Security Number)

Public Records - Government information
Virtually every major change in life - being born, getting a driver's license, getting married, buying a house, getting divorced, or filing a lawsuit - is recorded somewhere in a government document. All of these events are recorded in public documents and are easily available to you and others.

Public Records on file with Cities & Counties
-- Dog permits
-- Deceased - Coroner/Medical Examiner
-- Children School Records
-- City Building Permits - Building Inspector's Office
-- Real Estate Transactions - Recorders Office
-- City Courts - Records are indexed by name
Are normally public records and can be accessed by a request to the court clerk.
Records contain information such as driver license #, SSN, and address.
--Traffic Tickets & Small Claim Court Records
Traffic tickets are usually indexed and can be viewed in the courthouse and they contain extremely valuable information like someones current address.
Check for traffic tickets indexed alphabetical order by name
-- Civil County Court Records
Litigation between parties such as law suits, divorces, name changes, and adoptions
-- County Criminal Records - indexed by name
-- * County & Towns Database * - Enter town and returns the county (need for county searches)
-- Voter Registration Records - Check during election years
One of the most overlooked sources of information and a very effective method for search for someone.
Voter Registration files contain name and address inforamtion and in some states, will also contain the Social Security Number.
Are kept at the County Clerk's or Registrar of Voters Office:
The Voter Registration search also contains forwarding address information so you also get a national charge of address with this search.

States available for online searches:

Kept at the County Clerk's or Registrar of Voters Office:

--Marriage Records
Another hidden goldmine that can be found at the county courthouse (under marriage records) just like traffic tickets, can be searched, and are usually considered public record information. Check at the state level to find the information by utilizing State Vital Records. Pay a small fee, and then send a letter asking for the marriage record, some states you can call and get the information (SSN number, DOB, Driver license number, and spouses maiden name).
Are usually filed in the County Clerk's office where the marriage application was filed and in the State Registrar's Office.Texas always gives the SSN in Marriage Records.

--Divorce Records
Divorce records are usually considered part of court files and are filed at the Superior Court clerk's office of the county in which the divorce was granted
Divorce records almost always list children born from a marriage and their name and year of birth. Usually get employer & occupation at time of divorce.

-- Uniform Commercial Codes (commonly called UCC's)
At Recorder Offices are notices of lien filings done at each county courthouse and then sent to a state repository.
UCC records can be accessed by computer in some states. Can also be accessed through general indexing at the local court house. They can also be searched state wide. Since UCC codes give you credit history source information, it is an alternative to running a full credit bureau search which is restricted under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
__ County and Towns Database
All About County And Town Resources
-- US
Breakdown of all counties within the state

Public Records on file with States

-- * State and Local Governments * - Directory of offical state, county, and city government websites.
Nice breakdown by county, city
-- Corporate names -- Vital Records - Birth, death, marriage, divorce records
-- Boat Registration
-- Birth Index Records - Index of all births that occured within the state
Records are usually available as public records, where most birth certificates are not
Records found at the state office can provide you with a great deal of background information and most of the records available are open to anyone who requests them.
Many of these records can also be found at the county level, but best to start at the state level and work down to the county level.
Some states try to limit access to certain records but most records on file with the county can be obtained by requesting them, or by filing a request under the state public law in conjunction with the freedom of information act.

Vehicle Records - Driver's License File

Most drivers licenses have to be renewed every four years.
Most of the time you can get driving record information is you have a full name and DOB. The release of driver license information will usually contain name, address, DOB, height, weight, color of eyes, and hair color.
This is a good search tool, but it is not legally available in all fifty sates.

DMV Records
The DMV maintains records for vehicle registration and there is no national repository of vehicle data or driving records that is open to the public. Each state has its own computer system of information and storage and rules and regulations about release of information varies from state to state.
There are four types of searches that can be performed (Not all are available):

Links To All Known State DMV Record Sites Online

There are various ways to obtain the driver license number in order to run a state search:
Online Searches (tap into a few states online system), County Court Records (check vehicle registration by name).

This information is available from the various Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV):

If you don't have someones DOB, search under the Date of Birth Database

Are on file in the county in which the birth occurred and the State Registrar's Office:

Death Certificates
Are usually kept on file in the county in which the death occurred at the County Clerk's Office and the State Registrar's Office:

Property Records
When you purchase a home or other real estate, a record of the transaction is made by the County Assessor's office and the County Recorder's office:

2) ** Property Records USA **
Real Estate/Property Ownership Records

Court Records|| Arrest Records
Superior, municipal and small claims court records are kept in the court clerk's office:

Two places to check in the county courthouse:
1) Felony
2) Misdemeanor
Can contain information such as driver license number, SSN, address & former address, employment.

Voter Registration Verification


Misc Information

Helpful Information to Locate Someone